In purchasing a yacht or being a yacht owner you will be facing daily challenges related to crew, maintenance, port, changing registration, charter etc.
Our Job is to help you managing it ! 

Since 1981, we maintain an efficient team collaboration which meets every need.

Therefore, we team up with mechanical engineers, captains, naval architects to manage, program and advice on the daily needs for trouble-free cruising within a proposed budget.
Economic liability:
We manage the finance on separate accounts for each yacht with monthly reports. On request, we also find the right charter income to cover the needed work and pay for the new.
The right crew for the right yacht:
 We all know how important the crew is. We provide and advise within our free independent “crew placement service” the necessary personnel. We also follow the advice and rules of the I.L.O (maritime labour convention- MLC) expected to be ratified very soon by most countries. All maritime employees will be expected to meet the MLC requirements.
For more details visit: www.ilo.org
Technical management:
Our motivated team will advise on work needed to prevent mechanical break downs which might spoil your too short holidays.
Your yacht should be ready at any time, for your pleasure only, at the best possible rates.
Administrative and registry:
We also advise on the best possible registry, commercial or private according to your needs. We tell you which flag to choose to avoid unnecessary complication.


MS YACHTS is delighted to introduce our App: MS YACHTS. Thanks to it, you will not longer be annoyed with sheets and everything, all your data is in one place. All the history of the management of your yacht will be stocked directly in the app.