• MYBA & MYBA contracts

    MS Yachts works with MYBA contracts, which is the worldwide yachting association, founded in 1984, whose members are involved at all levels within the yachting industry.
    Member companies are required to hold professional indemnity insurance and meet the strict requirements.
    By chartering with MS Yachts, yacht owners and charterers can benefit from the safeguards that have been established and be assured they are represented by experienced professionals. 
  • How to understand the MYBA contract and the costs

    The weekly rate includes:
    The yacht, the crew, the insurance, the crew salaries, the food for the crew, the yacht’s linen…
    What is APA?
    The APA (advance provisioning Allowance) represents the expenses.
    This can be calculated at 25%/30% of the charter fee.
    This is for the food, the drinks, the port fees, electricity, fuel…
    The Captain will regularly keep you informed during your charter on the expenses made so far.
    At the end of the charter, before disembarkation, the Captain will present you all the accounts with the corresponding receipts.
    If there is any APA left, the Captain will return it to the charterer. Or on the contrary if the APA was insufficient, the charterer shall pay to the captain the difference.

    Before the charter we will provide you a preference sheet so that you and your family/friends can fill in what you prefer, if there are any allergies… 
  • Delivery & Redelivery fees

    Delivery & Redelivery fees could be applicable if you are willing to embark or disembark in a different port from the yacht’s home port.
    VAT has to be added where it is applicable. The % depends on the country. Please note that from July 2013, VAT is applicable for charters starting in France between 10% and 20%.
    For more information, please kindly contact us.
    Gratuity / Tips:
    Generally, gratuities for the crew represent 10% of the charter fee, but this is at the charterer’s discretion. This can be given at the end of the charter to the Captain who will split it with the crew.
    Security deposit: Some owners request a security deposit
  • Payment conditions

    It is generally the following:
    At the signature: 50% charter fee
    One month prior Embarkation:
    50% charter fee + VAT + APA + Delivery & redelivery fees (if applicable) + Security deposit (if applicable).
    Last minutes charters:
    Our Professional staff can of course provide you the same quality of service if it is a last minute charter.
    The payment conditions will change if the booking is made a month before or  less the charter starts.

    One installment:            
    100 % charter fee+ VAT + APA + Delivery & redelivery fees (if applicable) + Security deposit (if applicable).